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University of Guelph - Honours BSc Located in North London, serving London and area Free Quotes on Car and Home Insurance State Farm Insurance experience since 1995 Focusing on Life Insurance Focusing on Motorcycle Insurance Resident of North London 14 Years of State Farm Experience North London Nationals Baseball Coach State Farm Agent for 10 years
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Help improve driving skills with brain boosters

Are you worried about staying safe behind the wheel? As a person ages, the specific skills necessary for safe driving begin to deteriorate. Eyesight and hearing worsen, reflexes slow and cognitive functions decline. Even though older adults are less likely to practice risky driving behaviours, a person’s chances of being in a fatal car accident begin to increase at age 75.

Preventing employee theft

Employee theft can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s taking home office supplies, skimming from the registers, insider robberies or sophisticated bookkeeping and computer fraud, the reality of the modern workplace is that business owners are wise to have controls in place–controls that can help minimize and prevent employee theft.

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